Posted by: dodoingoma | October 4, 2007

It’s always the same… stress

As usual, I got into huge stress because I left everything to the last minute! I packed my stuff 5 hours before departure, had 2 hours of sleep… and already a list of things that I forgot to take with me (most important the cable for the camera to connect to the laptop, so I’m sorry but u’ll have to wait for pictures).

The flight was quite okay except that we had 2.5 hours delay. There was a technical problem and just before take-off the plane turned around and went back to the parking area. Gives you a very good feeling…. especially as they usually don’t tell you what exactly is wrong.

I had a very nice guy from WHO sitting next to me who really challenged my French abilities cos he was talking so much! In the end I was so exhausted that I couldn’t say a single correct word any more. Also, I had a nice chat with one of the stewards (that’s why I then found out that the technical problem was luckily not very serious- only something to do with the air supply during take-off), which got me special service such as Bailey’s and bananas :). So all in all, the flight was good! I wasn’t bored at all, food was great, service excellent, and they showed Ocean’s 12 (or 11, I have no idea, anyway I fell asleep) and Robots, which was good entertainment.

Posted by: dodoingoma | October 4, 2007

Alcohol a problem among humanitarians?? No way!!!

Having arrived after quite a nice flight with good food and good conversations, I was left completely alone and I thought oh my god, that’s gonna be a boooring weekend. It turned out to be quite different. I was immediately thrown into humanitarian social life! Someone left me a number of Alice, a girl working for Merlin, who was in Kinshasa at the time. I called her and we arranged to go for dinner and then follow her boss to a party. So the first day in Kinshasa I already met quite a few people from UN OCHA (a guy who’s negotiating with warlords), Dfid (British Government Development Donor) Representative, Europaid, etc.. and got to know their drinking habits :). Yes, alcohol is a problem in humanitarian work.

Posted by: dodoingoma | September 23, 2007


I’m leaving on Sept 27, at 6.45!!!!

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