Posted by: dodoingoma | October 22, 2007

Field trip to Kasongo

fieldtrip2.jpgGoing to theĀ fieldOffloading of cargo inĀ Kasongo



  1. Bikes are always a nice help to bring thing aren’t they? Although maybe the terrain is not the best for this kind of bike. It’s a beautiful one though!
    Do you Dodo have more pictures of bikes there?
    It’d be interesting to see them!

  2. I could offer inliners :-)
    How did you get pictures? I thougt you are not allowed to take some……

  3. Hey, well, the pictures of the volcano are really from 2002. However, the cars and the house are still exactly the same :), they haven’t removed them yet. Outside Goma it’s no problem to take pics and I have some more, however uploading takes ages and the site doesn’t show the whole pic. So what I’m gonna do is put them on picassa and put a link here. A friend has wireless lan at home, so I hope itll be faster there.

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