Posted by: dodoingoma | October 8, 2007

On housemaids and drivers

I really have to admit: I am living in luxury!!! I don’t have to do a thing – I come home and food’s already on the table. I don’t have to cook, I don’t have to go shopping, I don’t have to clean. Fantastic, isn’t it!???!!! Also, I almost don’t have to walk any more :). Well, we’re not allowed to walk on the streets here. So, wherever we go, and if it’s just around the corner, you have to take the car. Therefore, there’re drivers on duty 24/7. It’s really strange then, when you go out to a restaurant or clubbing and your driver is waiting outside – all night if necessary.



  1. what a luxury – you’ll run to fat in that year :-)
    but what’s that about cleaning, shopping… it’s like you’re living in my flat

  2. One can really get comfortable while living in your flat, dear Maria.
    I cannot Blame Dodo about that.
    I gues that soon, little Dodo will have to go to the “gozillaGym”, down there in Goatstown Road, to get fit… keep us posted about that as well!!!!!

  3. Hahahhaa, you know, Ive started to play tennis! Im actually thinking about taking lessons. Also, we have salsa lessons twice a week, and, not to forget the best exercise: dancing at parties :). So, ill hopefully not grow to double my size!!!

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