Posted by: dodoingoma | October 4, 2007

How to get ripped off

On Sunday morning the driver took me to the airport. As he wasn’t allowed to go inside with me to help me with check-in and stuff, I was pretty lost. I got someone taking my luggage, who, I was told, would help me inside. Well, nothing, someone else took over and from then the trouble started. The thing is, Kinshasa airport is not like a normal airport, it’s more like a stock exchange, where people push, shout, holding up the tickets to be the next one to check in. So no way I could have done this myself. Then this guy took my luggage, brought it to the scale and came back telling me I had excess weight (which I didnt). I didn’t know how much I was allowed, and my boss telling me before that she had had excess weight, and me being really tired and confused, I didn’t think much about it. The guy explained to me that I had soandso much excess and that a kg was soandso much and that I had to pay 45USD. Big shock, but well, Concern would reimburse me for it. So I gave him the money…  big mistake!! He never paid anything. When I asked about it, the police came making a big show about how I could give him money. They searched the guy, found the money but I never got it back! They put me into an absolutely ridiculous VIP room to wait for the flight and I guess the just shared it. Fucking bastards.Lesson learnt: never ever give money to anyone!!! Don’t trust anyone, they’re all trying to cheat you!



  1. Jambo sana! Habari gani?
    Lesson number one:
    Be careful of “helpful” people who intend to be your very best friend!
    Lesson number two:
    Hakuna matata – as long as you are fine!!!

  2. Sounds familiar!! Das gleiche passiert da…traurig aber wahr. mir haben sie mein handy gestohlen, auf gany penetrante art und weise, ich bin im auto gesessen, in der mitte hinten, und der typ hat durchs fenster über eine andere person drüber gegriffen und mir das handy aus der hand gefetzt…jaja so schnell kanns gehen…BASTARDS

  3. yea yea, takin it eeeasy anyway :). the thing at this airport really is that u cant do it alone, you need someone to do all the stuff, documents etc, for you… well, i’ve forgotten about it already.

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